It's easy. It's simple. It's professional.

The ultimate daily planner that helps you accomplish your one major goal in 100 days (undated).

PLANNING & CONSISTENT EFFORT: Create a vision and manage your time effectively. Features Action Steps and a To-Do List to help you get things done. It's time to focus, think big, and make each day count!

IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY & CREATIVITY: Plenty of space to write down notes, observations, inspiration, and good ideas. The layout is simple, organized, and gets straight to the point to help you take massive action.

YOU ARE THE AUTHOR, IT'S YOUR BOOK: Designed in a book format. Why a book format? This ultimate planner is an effective way to share and show someone what it took for you to achieve your goals every step of the way.

EASILY ACCESSIBLE, CONVENIENT & COMPACT: Fits perfectly in most bags, purses, suitcases, briefcases, and backpacks when you're on the go.

Every action needs a goal. Every goal needs a purpose. Every purpose needs a why.

Designed to be much more than a daily planner. It's your journey. It's your story. It's your personal book you can share with the world. The possibilities are limitless.

You have the pen. What will you write? The time is now. GO INTO GREATNESS.

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MINIMALISTIC & SOPHISTICATED. The planner for the modern day professional.
To Do List In A Book is an easier way to plan your day in 5 minutes or less.

A BETTER TO DO LIST: The planner is easy to use, minimalistic (without too many features), and does not take
up too much time or effort.

MUST DO // SHOULD DO // COULD DO: The TO-DOs are broken down in order of priority (high to low) to ensure your most important tasks get done first as you start the day.

WHAT TRULY MATTERS: With more time, you can immediately start taking action, accomplish your tasks, and manage your day much more effectively.

9 COVER DESIGN OPTIONS: Jet Black, Titanium White, Champagne Gold, Luxe Wood, Magnate Red, Wall Street Gray, Rose Gold, The Maverick Turquoise, The Future Cadmium Yellow.

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INCREASED PAGE COUNT! This coloring book now features 225 one-sided pages filled with motivational words and phrases. It's Fun, Relaxing, and Inspirational!

Great for ALL AGES.

Now you can enjoy the benefits of coloring anytime and anywhere!

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